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About Us

Pure Source was established in 2005 by Kim Sivyer, a British ex-pat living on Barbados.  When she first moved to the island she discovered that there was a limited choice of skincare brands available, and those that were, were mass manufactured and prominently chemical based.   With a view of the market, Kim decided to open up a skin care store that would retail products she would like to use and buy herself; chemical and synthetic free, with a prerequisite that they should be unique, did what they said they would do on the packaging, were pleasant to use and were not priced out of the market.  

Kim recognised that globally there was a move away from the need of superfluous chemicals and synthetics in products.  There was a growing awareness of the harmful toxins in skincare products that were only there to make them cheaper and easier to produce.  It was the start of a revolution.  Natural products were becoming sexy - better packaged, with better ingredients and better performing.  They were not only much more pleasant to use, they actually worked better than synthetic brands, and the best bit was, their health benefits.  With great natural products available, why would you want to use any more chemicals on your skin?

A fantastic stable of brands is not the only reason why Pure Source has become so successful on Barbados.  It is also the emphasis on quality, performance and customer service which has been a priority for the business since the begining. The Pure Source staff know and love the products they retail.  Each customer experiences a personal and bespoke service that combines an honest opinion with expert consultation, with no hard sell.  It makes the whole shopping experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

And finally, Pure Source has built its inventory from the belief of finding the best products out there, based on brands that compliment the existing inventory and of course some very good suggestions from customers as well. The inventory has grown to include some fantastic lines that have been carefully ‘hand picked’.  Lines you would find hard finding in some of the most selective stores in the best cities.  The concept of a skin care store has branched out to ‘lifestyle’ whether that includes accessories, cosmetics, candles, sunglasses, fragrance and now American denim brands.  It is a way of belief and a way of living that is individual and independent.  It is something that appeals to all of us at Pure Source.  We hope it appeals to you too.