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99 Red Balloons Lipstick Crayon

A real red with a touch of blue, 99 Red Balloons is a straight forward classic with a recognisable, slightly irresistible name.

ILIA Lipstick Crayon is packed with healing oils of sesame, rose hip and papaya.

ILIA is a prestige line of natural and organic beauty products that combine superior colour performance and nourishing organics. Our skin is our largest organ, and can absorb just about anything we put to its surface. ILIA has been formulated with this in mind.  All ILIA products are made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin and help aid in its repair, and all are ethical and sustainable. Cosmetics with nothing to hide. 

$74.00 BDS
$59.50 BDS (Duty Free)