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RMS Beauty

'Un' Cover-Up


Formulated to reveal and enhance healthier looking skin - not just to cover it up. Completely lightweight and hydrating, the 'un'cover-up will reveal more youthful and radiant skin. Minimizes the appearance of pores and rejuvenates the complexion.

Use as a foundation or a light concealer as it visibly melts into the skin while covering imperfections and redness. Provides even coverage for flawless looking skin that will never look heavy or dry. Moisturises and heals, resulting in a beautiful luminous appearance.


  • 00: The lightest shade for the true snow whites
  • 11: A pale shade with a subtle yellow base
  • 22: With its yellow base, this shade is great for light-medium skin tones
  • 33: A slightly warm tan colour
  • 44: A darker tan colour, which can also be used for creating a tanned effect or for contouring if desired

** KEEP IT COMPLETELY NATURAL - Avoid using synthetic and/or chemical laden moisturisers under RMS Beauty products and opt for a more natural/organic one. The RMS Beauty Oil has been created to work synergistically with all RMS Beauty products, especially the 'un'Cover-Up.

About RMS Beauty

All RMS Beauty products are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic vitamins, and genetically altered ingredients (GMO) etc.  RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and their healing properties remain fully intact, encouraging amazing potential for anti-aging effects.

Have fun with RMS Beauty. ColoUrs can be mixed together, creating a personaliSed palette to enhance every mood. Unrefined, organic, healing agents provide easy blending, even for those who feel intimidated by makeup. By incorporating RMS Beauty into your daily regime, you will experience a revolutionary simplicity that takes minutes to apply, but adds a wealth of vital nutrients to your skin.

$112.00 BDS
$89.50 BDS (Duty Free)

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