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Less is More

Neem Scalp Relieve Conditioner


For an irritated, tight and sensitive scalp

A bio-active care complex especially for irritated scalps, which includes flaking, itching or very greasy scalps.  Has a clarifying and soothing effect, helps to normalise the scalp function as well as conditioning the hair and making it smooth and soft.

Uses 100% natural and organic essences, aromatic benefits include Tea Tree, Rosemary, Rose Geranium and Atlas Cedar all help to clarify, soothe, harmonise and restore the scalp to balance.

Less is More rinse-off hair and scalp conditioners pamper the hair intensely with bio-active, virgin plant oils and phyto extracts, and lend silkiness and vitality. They can be used as a rinse, or as a deeply effective hair mask. Depending on hair type, the hair structure is smoothed and strengthened, the scalp is provided with valuable nourishment and nutrients and the hair is protected from damaging environmental influences.

Less is More CONDITIONER's do not contain  synthetic polymers, silicone, paraffins, quaterniums, (di-)alkyl quats, glycol, PEGs, etc.

$85.00 BDS
$68.50 BDS (Duty Free)

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Less is More
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