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Less is More

Tangerine Curl Balm


For curly and fine to normal hair

This lightweight leave-in conditioner with 100% natural and organic essences of Sicilian Tangerine, Orange and Lemon is ideal for curly hair.  It creates bounce, shine and volume, makeing the hair easy to comb and gently tameing curls. When applied to the hair it also protects against styling heat and split ends.

To use: Apply a small quantity evenly to damp hair, do not rinse out, style

The Less is More LEAVE-IN and SPECIAL CARE products are hair care concentrates, tailor made for individual hair and scalp types. Because they stay in the hair, the concentrate continues working until your next hair wash and offer effective protection against heat and sun with the strength of herbal extracts, wheat proteins, vegetable chitin, virgin plant oils, lecithin and naturally pure essential oils.

Less is More leave in and special care products never contain  synthetic polymers, silicone, paraffines, quaterniums, (di-)alkyl quats, glycols, PEGs, etc.

$85.00 BDS
$68.50 BDS (Duty Free)

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Less is More
Less is More