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Green People

Intense Repair Conditioner


For dry, coloured, chemically-treated and frequently blow-dried hair
This conditioner is a welcome treat for dry or stressed out hair.  It boosts shine and nourishes the scalp and hair shaft, preventing scalp dryness and loss of natural oils.

Green People's natural and organic conditioners combine organic essential oils with pure plant extracts to hydrate, detox and nourish. All are made with beautifully pure ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Orange Blossom, Rosemary and Mandarin.

Key ingredients include:
Organic Green Tea, Aloe Vera & B vitamins

To use: To use: Wash hair with Green People's Intensive Repair Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Apply Intensive Repair Conditioner from roots to ends. Leave for at least 1 minute before rinsing off.  For a deluxe conditioning treatment, wrap hair in towel and leave for
10 minutes before rinsing

What Green People do not use in their products
Green People Intense Repair Condtioner is made without alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), parabens, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, phthalates and artificial fragrances to bring you the purest conditioner that nature can offer.

$46.00 BDS
$37.00 BDS (Duty Free)

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