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Balancing Day Lotion


Perfect for problem skin that may have redness and swelling, mild blemishing, clogged and enlarged pores and other oil-managing challenges.  It uses a suki patented, stabilised ingredient/technology, TLC salicylic acid™ from white willow and TLC retinol vitamin A™ from moth bean which are both clinically-proven and powerfully potent actives that deeply penetrate the skin's cell layers to help balance oil production and reduce irriation without clogging the pores. Lightweight, greaseless and easily absorbed, this anti-inflammatory lotion will infuse all day moisture whilst calming and soothing the complexion.

To use: On clean and toned skin gently massage a a couple of drops onto the face and décolleté until completely absorbed.  Repeat if necessary.  Blend with a suki pure facial serum of choice for a more customised treatment.

$110.00 BDS
$89.90 BDS (Duty Free)