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Hydrea London

Bamboo Exfoliating and Cleansing Mitt

A luxuriously sumptuous mitt which is soft enough to be used on the face. Made from cotton and bamboo it is lightweight and durable.

To use: Use wet or dry, with or without product

Care: Machine washable and machine dryable at 50°C
Composition: 60% Bamboo and 40% Cotton

Bamboo thrives naturally in many regions of the world. It grows organically without the need for chemicals due to its naturally pest resistant qualities. Bamboo is a fast growing grass, which produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an excellent sustainable and eco-friendly resource. When harvested the extensive root system is left intact allowing for rapid self- regeneration while helping to prevent soil erosion.

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

$32.00 BDS
$26.00 BDS (Duty Free)