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Holistic Silk

Anti-Ageing Silk Eye Mask

One Size

Holistic Silk's hypoallergenic anti-ageing mask is made with super soft 100% satin silk which not only blocks out of all the light ensuring a deep and restorative beauty sleep but also helps to prevent facial creasing and damage to the skin cells during the night.

Silk does not draw moisture (or expensive night creams) from the skin so it helps to retain hydration and the unique Holistic Silk design rests lighty above the eye socket for a perfect no-discomfort fit.

Uses soft velvet ties to ensure maximum comfort and fit.

Only available in white

Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth or dry clean only. Try to keep silk out of direct sunlight as it will fade.

$230.00 BDS
$185.00 BDS (Duty Free)