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Aburatorigami Beauty Papers

30 Sheets

These all-natural, handmade papers are the Japanese geisha’s secret to petal fresh skin.  Using the highest grade of 100% Abaca Leaf with real flecks of gold these papers are prized for their absorbency, strength and softness.  TATCHA beauty papers, known in Japan as 'Aburatorigami', are the gold standard in beauty papers because of their incomparable performance. The unique plant-like composition of the paper is what allows each sheet to absorb oils, not essential moisture.

TATCHA beauty papers are the original beauty papers, made in the same tradition by the same workshops as those first discovered by geisha over 300 years ago.  Since that time, mass market blotting papers have been introduced but do not come close to the performance of the originals. 

To use: Keep skin petal fresh by removing excess oil and sweat without disturbing makeup or stripping skin of essential moisture.  Gently pat (never rub or wipe) a single leaflet about the face, starting with the T-Zone.  Use both sides.  Discard after use.

$38.00 BDS
$31.20 BDS (Duty Free)